Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Digital Signal Processing: A precise text for undergraduate students

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is presented in the precise format for undergraduate students and is designed to provide solid foundation for specialized courses in DSP, while assuming that the student has a preliminary knowledge of linear systems and Lapace transform.

While MATLAB has emerged as a powerful tool for experimental study of DSP, MATLAB programs and a lab manual have been included in the text and appendix. While the book includes concrete examples to illustrate concepts, a number of well designed problems help the reader master the subject.
Salient features
  • The basic concepts in Digital Signal Processing are explained in detail by giving appropriate examples and line diagrams at every stage.
  • The book also has lab manuals with 16 experiments, which helps the reader experiment and explore concepts in detail.
  • No prior knowledge of the subject is assumed, and the text preserves the precision of conceptual details.
  • Concepts in other areas such as communication systems, control systems are repeated here for reference where required.
  • Inter-relationship between topics covered under DSP and those covered under Control /Communication Systems are highlighted.
  • Results of MATLAB programs in the form of graphs are added for reference that can aid laboratory experiments that are conducted in DSP.
  • Visual aids like diagrams and graphs are included to explain experiments for signals like speech, thus increasing visualization of DSP applications in real world.
  • Inter-relationship amongst various transformation techniques like FT, ZT and LT and their mapping with each other are explored.
  • Lab manual and Table of Z transform pairs form part of the book.
  • Many research projects in the defence area require in-depth knowledge of DSP. The book will also be useful for students preparing for competitive examinations like GATE.


  • 130+ figures
  • 100+ solved problems and examples
  • 17 experiments explained in detail
  • Numerous practice problems

About the author

Dr. Shaila Dinkar Apte is currently a professor in Rajarshi Shahu College of Engineering, Pune. She has been teaching at Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, Maharashtra for the past 27 years where she has taught both under graduate and post graduates DSP and Advanced DSP and related subjects such as Digital Communication, Communication Systems, Mobile Communication, Random Signals, Processes, etc. She has been a guide to several Ph.D. students pursuing this field.
Dr. Apte got her Masters degree in Electronics and Ph.D. from Shivaji University and Walchand College of Engineering, Sangli, Maharashtra, respectively. Her Ph.D. thesis delved into the field of speech processing. Dr. Apte has to her credit several research papers published in International Journals and Conferences .

ISBN: 978-81-265-1908-8 Digital Signal Processing Dr. Shaila D. Apte Price: 299 Pages: 308 Paperback


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