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Service-Oriented Architecture for Enterprise and Cloud Applications, 2nd ed

Service-Oriented Architecture for Enterprise and Cloud Applications,2nd ed
Shankar Kambhampaty

ISBN13: 978-81-265-1989-7
Price: Rs 399/-
Pages: 360

About the book
This book is targeted at practitioners who wish to get insights into developing SOA solutions. Software architects, designers, developers, project managers and consultants can benefit significantly from this book. At the same time, beginners can also get an understanding of the concepts and how SOA based solutions are developed in practice today. Strawman architecture for Enterprise-wide SOA and reference architectures for SOA based applications can serve to be very convenient starting points for anyone wanting to recommend or develop SOA solution. Designers can follow the methodologies outlined for service design in this book and come up with services model for their applications.

The best practices identified through executing a number of SOA projects, provide the much needed guidance to project teams.

Foreworded by Arun Jain, Chairman & Managing Director, Polaris Software Lab Ltd.
New to the second edition:
Keeping in mind the feedback received and the changes taking place in technology and in IT industry, the following enhancements are included.

1) Introduce Software Engineering as Chapter 1 – One of the points given as feedback for the first edition is that there are several practicing developers, testers and project/program managers who are interested in SOA but do not have the necessary background or experience in Software Engineering. Accordingly, “Software Engineering Principles” has been added as the first chapter.

2) Cloud Computing – Since the launch of the book, Cloud computing and services based on the “Cloud” (internet cloud) have emerged as major trends related to deploying and leveraging of services. Therefore, separate chapters on Cloud Computing Concepts, Cloud Computing Platforms and SOA with Cloud Services have been included.

Key Features
  • SOA is an upcoming and hot topic nowadays. Besides the corporate work, SOA is being introduced as an elective paper in major universities.
  • First book that focuses on architecture, design and development of enterprise and cloud applications based on SOA.
  • Caters to the needs of students who need to understand the concepts of SOA and cloud computing; architects, designers and developers who build SOA-based enterprise and cloud applications and CXOs and Project managers who make decisions on undertaking SOA projects involving enterprise and cloud applications.
  • Provides insights on concepts of SOA and cloud computing that can be put to immediate use for creating transformational impact.
  • Includes detailed description (and code) to enable architects, designers and developers to build SOA applications on Java and .NET platforms.
  • Offers a comprehensive and structured set of reference models and techniques for custom-built enterprise and cloud applications that can be readily applied by system integration companies and end-user organizations to address customer needs.
  • Presents both concepts and technology detail in addressing the IT challenges faced by organizations on their business transformation journey with SOA and cloud computing.
For the first edition:
A series of 8 webcasts were conducted at the request of Microsoft based on the content of the book to a world-wide audience. The recordings are available at http://msevents.microsoft.com/CUI/SearchDisplay.aspx?culture=en-IN&evtTypHero=3#culture=en-IN;sortKey=;sortOrder=;pageEvent=false;hdnInitialCount=;kwdAny=Shankar%20Kambhampaty;eventType=3;searchcontrol=yes;s=1


The book is packaged with CD-ROM which includes:
  • Source code of PoCs which demonstrate the usage of SOA technology elements/products
  • Instruction document for each PoC which contains the instruments to deploy and run the PoCs.

About the author

Shankar Kambhampaty is Chief Technology Officer for the Investment Banking unit of Polaris Software Lab. He has been involved for 21 years in architecture, design, development and management for a number of software projects executed globally and has also played a key role in development of software products that have been exhibited in AIIM and COMDEX shows. He has authored several papers for International Conferences in the areas of Service-Oriented Architecture and software engineering.

With a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering with specialization in Digital Systems from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IIT Kanpur), Shankar is also a Microsoft Certified Architect and IBM Certified Solution Designer V2.


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