Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Get Your Frog Out of the Well: Private Lessons for the Global Economy by Chuck Boyer

The book…
Is a compilation of remarkable and often amusing series of universal insights into what works and what doesn’t work in the art of doing business in the global economy. The title comes from a Hindu proverb about a frog and his need to see more of the world than just the narrow confines of the well in which he lives.

It’s USP
The author combines entertaining stories from his own experience with words of hard-earned wisdom from exclusive interviews with a star-studded list of business leaders – Subroto Bagchi, co-founder of MindTree Consulting, Bikramjit Maitra of Infosys, and Ajay Kela, COO of Symphony Services, Dr. Sridhar Mitta of e4e, and others – who talk candidly about what works today and what doesn’t.

The book also includes the top ten points of advice offered by first-level IT managers from across India. Their Number One advice on getting ahead in the New Economy: “Be Honest.”

Master the art of doing business in the global economy

While many of us today spend time pushing buttons on our smart phones and iPods, real progress in the New Economy comes from universal insights into what works and what doesn’t work in the art of doing business in the global economy. The title comes from a Hindu proverb about a frog and his need to see more of the world than just the narrow confines of the well in which he lives. In a clever and often humorous new book by Wiley India we learn how to identify our personality type, move beyond a “problem and solution” mind set to a broader “issue and expectation” view, the keys to finding our voice in business, and some refreshing views on developing PowerPoints, presenting a plan, and even finding a job with the best companies in India.

Each Indian, says the author, is just like each American, meaning we are all different. Americans, he writes, do tend to be more of a “get it roughly right and get on with it,” culture, while Indians tend to “over think” their work. But even that he insists is changing. The author makes a strong case that in today’s global environment, good Indian companies and good American companies are more alike than they are different. The key difference today is less about culture, and more about finding ways to think and act “outside the well.”

For those who want to make it big in the corporate world

This book provides candid and often humorous advice for recent graduates to senior managers on how to survive and thrive in the New Economy—from dealing with Americans to mastering the art of finding your own voice and making it heard.

The books is also of interest to editors, journalists, bloggers, and the blogosphere covering the New Economy, IT Business, Education, and “Corporate Life” in general.

Not just this! There is even a chapter aimed at students, outlining how to use some of the book’s insights to help them land a great job.

The man behind all of this

Chuck Boyer was, until the mid 1990s, Manager of IBM’s Corporate Publications Department, Armonk, New York, responsible for the annual report and other stockholder publications. At the same time he was Editor of IBM’s 60-year-old THINK magazine, and manager of the company’s Management Report Quarterly. Also during his 16 years with IBM, he worked as a speechwriter, advertising project manager and communications advisor.

He has previously authored “The 360 Revolution, the story of IBM’s coming of age”.He currently writes speeches, policy papers and annual reports for several companies, including IBM, Hewlett Packard, and Symphony Services (India). Along with Connie Nicolosi, Chuck has also founded a company called X3 Communications which is a partnership of senior writers and marketing specialists.

ISBN: 978812651671| Pages: 184| Price: Rs 249/



Anonymous said...

worth reading.. good work chuck

neha said...

i am going to buy this book.. plz giv me link

Anonymous said...

i brought "statics" book...m still in d first sem...... you've so many problems but u havent solved u've a solution book of this book

Anonymous said...

This book is outstanding! Exactly what I was looking for. What an asset to have in my arsenal of business tools.

Anonymous said...

"Get Your Frog Out of the Well: private lessons for the global economy" is currently the No. 1 best seller on Times of India Shopping in business and management titles...and No.16 overall bestseller for ALL books sold there, including all fiction and non-fiction titles.


Hi Neha,

This book can be bought online through below mentioned link:

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Chuck Boyer has been writing for business since 1973. For the last 14 years he has written speeches and white papers for major corporations, including HP, Compaq, Digital, Symphony Services and Mater Card. From his platform as a senior house writer for executives at IBM, HP, Master Card and other companies.