Thursday, July 31, 2008

Financial Derivatives: Key Instruments for Reducing Risks and Optimizing Profits

Financial Derivatives are important instruments of trade in all major stock exchanges. Many investors and end-users depend on the broking community and financial advisors for putting these instruments to use. For corporate organizations, derivatives help reduce risks and optimize profits.

In the new book published by Wiley India, Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives, one can easily get incisive information on the basic techniques of risk management and derivatives. The book offers a solid theoretical step-by-step approach to the understanding of basic derivative instruments, their pricing, uses in hedging and uses as synthetics and mimics.

This book is a result of the author’s experience in teaching Derivatives in Business schools. It is an excellent resource for beginners and for those who want to dwell deeper on the subject, and is written in a style that is understandable and very user friendly. This subject is a key elective in Finance in most B-schools. Students are exposed to various uses and applications of these instruments in conjunction with other assets.

The book comes packed with real-world examples and illustrations based on the Indian Stock Exchange. Solved problems and conceptual queries are also included at the end of the section relating to Futures and the one relating to Options. Topics such as Interest Rate Derivatives, Swaps and Credit Derivatives, Option Greeks, Delta hedging and Delta-Gamma-hedging are also covered in this book. Another USP of this book is that, it emphasizes on practical understandings, while avoiding the use of complex mathematical derivations and uses spreadsheet examples to drive home the concept.

Fundamentals of Financial Derivatives

N.R. Parasuraman

ISBN: 9788126516599| Papercover | 272 Pages| June 2008| Price: Rs. 299/-

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction to Derivatives Markets
  • Forwards and Futures
  • Types of Options
  • Principles of Option Pricing - Put-Call Parity
  • The Binomial Model for Pricing of Options
  • The Black-Scholes Model
  • Volatility and Implied Volatility from the Black-Scholes Model
  • Exotic Options - An Introduction
  • Introduction to Options Greeks and Basic Delta Hedging
  • Interest Rate Derivatives and Eurodollar Derivatives
  • Swaps
  • Credit Derivatives
  • Risk Management with Derivatives

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