Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Wiley India Launches: Object-Oriented Programming in C++ for Students and Professionals

The study of Object Oriented Programming methodology is essential to everyone who comes across computer science. The importance of the subject is reflected from the fact that the Technical Institutions in the country are offering programs in Computer Science, Information Technology and MCA wherein object oriented programming is a compulsory part of their curricula.

Considering the flood of jobs in Information Technology sector, the students of various branches of Engineering are expected to have a thorough knowledge of programming in C++. With the sole motive of guiding and helping the students and professionals of C++, Wiley India has come up with a book titled Object-Oriented Programming in C++. This book has been authored by Professor Rajesh K. Shukla who is an Assistant Professor and Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at the Oriental Institute of Science & Technology, Bhopal.

Especially meant for students and professionals of C++, this book is must to have as it presents the concept of object oriented programming along with their implementation in C++ in an easy to understand language with the help of illustrations. Topics like C++, arrays, structures, unions, bit fields, functions, pointers, template, exception handling, file handling and graphics with numerous examples are covered in greater details.

Everyone who is aspiring to be a C++ professional can use this book as it has a uniform structure presentation starting with learning objective, declaration, implementation, example programs, operations, summary, multiple choice questions, programming assignments, and review questions.

Not just this much! The book also comes loaded with a CD that contains solutions to review questions and programming assignments. Last but not the least, this precise textbook covers the complete syllabus of various universities which offer course in object-oriented programming methodologies. Several renowned universities and colleges like National Institute of Technology Patna, JDW College etc have also adopted this book.

ISBN: 9788126516582| Object-Oriented Programming in C++| Professor Rajesh K. Shukla| Pages: 480| Paperback| Rs. 249/-

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